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24 Hour Prayer Circle


“More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of.”

                                                                              Alfred Lord Tennyson


During these past months Christians of all churches have joined together in prayer for our communities, nation and world.

This has led to the idea of a 24 hour prayer circle in Haddington, where we hold our community, nation and world before God continuously for 24 hours as we continue to face the Coronavirus pandemic and the anxiety of increasing relaxation of lockdown.

Although this is my personal idea my Minister the Rev Alison McDonald is happy to support it.

I am writing to find out whether you and members of your congregation would be interested in joining in this time of prayer.

Those who wish to take part will simply find a quiet space either in their own home or while out walking, and pray.

 Examples of subjects for prayer are: our Ministers, members of our Congregations, our wider Communities, our Schools, our Country, our Wider World.

 Dependent on the numbers willing to take part will decide how long each person’s time slot will be, i.e. If 24 people sign up their time slot will be an hour, if 48 people sign up their time slot will be half an hour if 96 people sign up their time slot will be 15 minutes.

 We are therefore calling all ‘night owls’ and ‘early birds’ as well as the ‘daytime birds’ to give careful thought to this proposal and if willing to participate please get in touch with

Isobel Colley at or on 01620 823039.

It is anticipated that this will happen on a weekend in August 10am Saturday to 10am Sunday prior to the schools resuming.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I look forward to hearing from you.

With best wishes