Current events

Christian Aid week. Sunday May 15th to May 24th 2022.

Christian Aid Week will begin with a combined church service at St Mary's Church, Haddington on Sunday May 15th at 11 am.

The Christian Aid organising committee is proposing the following for collections.

We will ask the churches to distribute envelopes to church members by their usual distribution systems.  Collection buckets will be available in the churches and in Craigs Furnishings shop over the campaign period.

·         If any collector wishes to continue with door-to-door collections in their established area and they feel that it is a successful area then they can do so.  Just let me know and I will supply envelopes.

·         We will still target some areas which have been productive in the past.

·         We will promote online giving at the link.

The Focus of this Year’s CA Week Campaign:

“We're raising our voices to call for climate justice. Together, we can restore justice to our world.

In Zimbabwe, the climate crisis is causing aching hunger for families like Jessica’s.

The combined effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, conflict, and drought have robbed her of the power to provide for her children. 

And 7,000 miles away, the war in Ukraine will drive up food prices in Zimbabwe and around the globe. Without the fertiliser and food - like wheat and cooking oil - that Ukraine and Russia produce, vulnerable families will be pushed even deeper into hunger.

But hope does not disappoint. Hope lives in you.

Your gifts this Christian Aid Week could help Jessica set up water taps on her farm, learn to grow food, and provide seeds that thrive in drought – giving her all she needs to turn her dry, dusty land into a garden of hope.” 

The Kiltwalk

As a separate campaign in the autumn, we will invite fit supporters to take part in the Virtual Scottish Kiltwalk on the morning of Saturday 8th October.  Although this is a national event, we are allowed to shape it to our local requirements.  Our provisional plan is to walk from Longniddry Station on the railway path to Haddington to end up at the Trinity Centre where a soup and pudding lunch will await walkers and supporters. Non-walkers can go there directly to cheer-in the walkers.  Walkers will seek sponsorship and all money raised will be boosted by 50% by the Hunter Foundation. Kiltwalkers are invited to don a bit of tartan to get into the spirit of it and we think that this might appeal particularly to younger supporters.  Read all about it at



Services at Haddington West Church

We look forward to welcoming you on Sundays at 11am. The front door and garden entrance will be opened at 10.30 am. Although mask wearing rules are being relaxed you may continue to wear a face covering. (More details below).  As shielding has been paused for the vulnerable and extremely vulnerable this will give everyone the opportunity to attend if they so wish. (See Church of Scotland and Scottish Government guidelines) We appreciate that some of you may not be ready to worship in church yet, so we are continuing to provide occasional devotions and paper copies of the services on the church website for use at home.

Because of COVID-19, we are having to fulfil certain obligations in order to make all of us safe. It is important that we adhere to a code of best practice and it is laid out below:

Who Should Not Attend Church: If you are displaying COVID-19 symptoms I.e. a new, continuous cough, a high temperature or a lack of taste or smell, please stay at home. If you are self-isolating due to living with someone who is displaying symptoms or as a result of contact tracing, please stay at home. (See the Church of Scotland and Scottish Government guidelines.)

Seating Arrangements: Although not all of the chairs have been made available yet there is much more choice of seating.  Please leave all of the seats in their current positions for everyone’s safety.

Face Coverings: You are encourgaged to continue to wear a mask but it can be removed if you wish when you are seated. If you do not bring one of your own, we can supply a disposable one.

Sanitizers: These will be available at the doors. Please use them on entry to and exit from the sanctuary. Please do not wear your own gloves in church.

Becoming Unwell During the Service: If, for any reason, you become unwell during the service, please let one of the door duty team know and he/she will assist you.

Coughs and Sneezes: Please use a tissue or the crook of your arm to catch germs. Please dispose of tissues in the waste bins provided a soon as possible.

Collection: There will be a collection baskets for offerings at the entrances to the church.

Toilet Facilities: The accessible toilet, between the hall and the kitchen, will be the only one available for use. Please use the wipes provided in order to clean the toilet seat and the wash hand basin before and after use.

Refreshments: Tea or coffee are now being offered at the end of our services.

Shaking Hands etc. John, our minister, has been advised not to shake anyone’s hand. However, he will be delighted to speak to you after the service if you wish. Please stand aside from those who are leaving the building.

Thank you for reading this. We look forward to you returning to Haddington West Church.

With God’s love and blessing.

Brenda (Session Clerk)