Current events


The re-opening of Haddington West Church

     We look forward to welcoming you on Sundays at 11am. The garden entrance  will be opened at 10.35 am. The service will be shorter than usual because we do not wish anyone to become uncomfortable because they are wearing a face covering.  As shielding has been paused for the vulnerable and extremely vulnerable this will give everyone the opportunity to attend if they so wish. (See Church of Scotland and Scottish Government guidelines) We appreciate that some of you may not be ready to worship in church yet, so we are continuing to do services on U-tube and to provide a paper copy of the services for those who would prefer that.

Because of COVID-19, we are having to fulfil certain obligations in order to make all of us safe. It is important that we adhere to a code of best practice and it is laid out below:

Who Should Not Attend Church: If you are displaying COVID-19 symptoms I.e. a new, continuous cough, a high temperature or a lack of taste or smell, please stay at home. If you are self-isolating due to living with someone who is displaying symptoms or as a result of contact tracing, please stay at home. (See the Church of Scotland and Scottish Government guidelines.)

Entry and Exit: Please enter and leave the church by the garden entrance. When coming up or going down the path and when you are in the building, it is important to keep at least two metres away from the next household. If, for any reason, you wish to leave the church before the service begins, please speak to one of the door duty team. He/she will open the front door for you.

Registering Attendance: When you arrive at church, you will be asked to give your name and telephone contact to one of the door duty team so that we can participate in contact tracing if it is required. We shall not hold your details for more than twenty one days.

Seating Arrangements: When you enter the sanctuary, you will see that most of the seats have been set out two metres apart. The space has been maximized as much as possible to allow as many people to attend as possible. 52 seats are available and will be filled on a first come basis. Six seats have been grouped in two’s for use by people from the same household. Please leave all of the seats in their current positions for everyone’s safety.

Face Coverings: Unless you are exempt from using a face covering for medical reasons, you must wear one when you are in the church. If you do not bring one of your own, we shall supply a disposable one.

Sanitizers: These will be available at a table near the font, at the front of the church. Please use them on entry to and exit from the sanctuary. Please do not wear your own gloves in church.

Becoming Unwell During the Service: If, for any reason, you become unwell during the service, please let one of the door duty team know and he/she will assist you.

Coughs and Sneezes: Please use a tissue or the crook of your arm to catch germs. Please dispose of tissues in the waste bins provided a soon as possible.

Collection: There will be a collection plate near the garden entrance for offerings.

Toilet Facilities: The accessible toilet, between the hall and the kitchen, will be the only one available for use. Please use the wipes provided in order to clean the toilet seat and the wash hand basin before and after use.

Refreshments: No tea or coffee will be offered at the end of our services at the moment.

Shaking Hands etc. John, our minister, has been advised not to shake anyone’s hand. However, he will be delighted to speak to you after the service if you wish. Please stand aside from those who are leaving the building.

Thank you for reading this. We look forward to you returning to Haddington West Church.

With God’s love and blessing.

Brenda (Session Clerk)