Activities and Organisations

Activities and Organisations Contact
Bible Reading Rota Robert Wright
Catering Committee/Events' Support Isobel Pilkington
Christian Aid Janet Crystal
Church Cleaning Jacqueline Waugh
Church Flowers Marjorie Goldsmith
Church & Society Council Sharon Shields
Church Intimations & Order of Service Robert Wright
Church Treasurer Alistair Shields
Church Website Michael Thomson
Crèche TBA
Door Duty Rota (AM&PM) Robert Wright
Fabric Convenor Brian Stalker
Film Club
Friendship Hour Beryl McNeil
Funeral (Opening Church & Heating) Ray Pilkington
Girls' Brigade Joyce Paton
Guild Secretary Margaret Coe
Hall Bookings Jacqueline Waugh    
House Groups Minister
Life & Work Magazine Isobel Pilkington
Newsletter Susan Lindsay
Notice Boards Susan Lindsay
Open Doors Café Isobel Brown
Outside front of church flowers & back garden Claire Young /Isobel Pilkington
Prayer Coordinator Charlotte Crawford
Presbytery Elder Alistair Shields
Press Officer Mark Waugh
Safe Guarder Brenda Thomson
S Club Stella Ross
Session Clerk Brenda Thomson
Sound System Joshua Irwin
St Mary's Readers Charlotte Crawford
Sunday Tea Rota Stella Ross
World Mission Representative Neil Ross
Youth  (Teens) Lorna Croally