West Church Guild meet on a Tuesday evening at 7.30pm, generally on a fortnightly basis over the winter months.

Since 1995 we have been joined by members of St Mary's Church.

New members are always welcome, men and women can join.

Programme of meetings for 2017 - 2018 West Church Hall at 7.30 pm

Monday 18th September      Communion at Gullane Parish Church (7.30)

Tuesday 26th September      County Ranger: Dr Roger Powell

Tuesday 10th October          Sick Kids Friends Foundation: Victoria Watson

Thursday 19th October         Autumn Rally: Haddington West Church (7.30)

Tuesday 24th October          Coffee Evening: Rev John Vischer

Saturday 11th November       Brunch (10 am - 1 pm)

Tuesday 14th November       Project International Haiti

Tuesday 28th November       Ideas for Christmas cooking: Margot Hodge

Monday 4th December         Carol Service at Chalmers Memorial (7.30)

Tuesday 12th December       Christmas Evening


Tuesday 9th January 2018     Puzzling pictures: Michael Thomson

Tuesday 23rd January           Things you don't know about Burns: Jean Fairbairn

Tuesday 13th February          The work of the Citizens' Advice Bureau: Jemiel Benison

Saturday 17th February         Coffeee Morning: Bring and Buy (10 - 12)

Tuesday 27th February          Rosslyn Chapel & the Holy Grail: Beccy Angus

Tuesday 13th March              A dip into the Archives: Bill Wilson

Thursday 15th March             Spring Rally: Haddington West Church: Visit to the Holy Land: Rev Bill Wishart (7.30)

Tuesday 27th March              AGM & Bring and Buy

Saturday 5th May                  Outing

Thursday 7th June                 Summer Rally: Haddington West Church: Crossreach: Linda Kelly (7.30)

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